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DTV Madness: Titanic 2!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I bet you never thought that they'd make this movie. Well, you're right. Technically, "they" didn't. But someone else did! Yup, our good friends at Asylum Films, who brought us such mockbusters as Transmorphers , The Da Vinci Treasure and The Day the Earth Stopped , produced this spiritual sequel to one of the biggest movies of all time. Nope, Leonardo DiCaprio doesn't come back from the dead and no, Kate Winslet doesn't do a walk-in cameo. This is a brand new story placed in present day with a brand new Titanic dubbed "The Titanic II". Titanic 2 takes place exactly 100 years after the first Titanic sank. To commemorate the occasion, a new Titanic is created with a much stronger and more durable design. It tries to outdo the original Titanic, by completing the course that the original ship set out to do. Unforunately for the Titanic II, the world isn't what it once was, and is now threatened by the dangers of global warming. For you se

SNL Showdown!!! MacGruber VS The Other Guys!!!!!!!

Over the past week I got to watch two comedies produced by either current or alums of Saturday Night Live. Both were quite decent on their own rights and I was surprised at which one I enjoyed more, but that's not to take anything away from the other. The Other Guys Ah yes, the pairing of Will Ferrell and director Adam McKay. They've been quite the epic duo in the past, producing such legendary hits as Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy , Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby and of course Stepbrothers , a movie that's close to my heart. This time around, they've added Mark Wahlberg into the mix. Is the chemistry harmonious or explosive? Gamble and Hoitz (Ferrell and Wahlberg) are two cops who are not exactly the cream of the crop at their police department. They are 3 degrees below the superstar cops Danson and Highsmith (Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson and Samuel L. Jackson) who Gamble admires with a fanboy like awe while Hoitz looks on with disdain and

Try the tasty CATFISH!!!

Before I say anything, I want to note that this will be a SPOILER-FREE look at the film, just in case you're fearful of anything important being revealed. And I think that it's best to go in this way anyhow. After all, "Don't Let Anyone Tell You What It Is", is the tagline. I caught a screening of Catfish last night and I'm still reeling in from the whole experience. It has been circulating the film festivals over the past year, oftentimes stealing all the attention. The film has created an electric buzz over its audience, causing fervent discussions amongst the crowds. Catfish is a documentary about a young man named Nev, chronicling the heated relationship he made with a girl he met on Facebook. He's a New York photographer who connects with a family in Michigan after they see his work in a newspaper. They start sending him paintings of some of the photos he takes, painted by a 9 year old prodigy named Abby. He starts to develop a relationship wit

Getting frozen with... FROZEN!!!!

I've always loved movies that dealt with isolation. I think the first movie that wowed me this way was Hitchcock's Rear Window . To a lesser extent, I also enjoyed Phone Booth a few years ago. In the next little while, we're getting Buried , dealing with a man buried in a coffin alive and Alfonso Cuaron's Gravity , dealing with a man trapped in space. I guess I enjoy that minimalist approach to film making. How much can you do with so little? Which brings us to Frozen , released earlier this year in theaters. Frozen follows three college students as they hit the ski slopes during a school break. Low on cash, they bribe one of the ski lift operators to let them on. But the fun and games only last so long for these friends. That night, they are mistakenly left in the middle of the lift, abandoned and forgotten. Luck for them further diminishes as the hills are closed for the week due to the bad weather. Will they ever get off the hill or will they succumb to the cold,

A Society In Rehab

I was playing catch up with last month's issue of Esquire and I read an interesting article by Stephen Marche called "Have We All Gone Completely Nuts?". He talks about how our culture has changed this idea of redemption. Here is a small excerpt from the article: "For millennia, Western culture had a very simple system for dealing with bad actions. You sinned, you recognized it, you decided you wanted to change, and you were redeemed. This neat little system was called Christianity. Now "sins" are called "bad choices", and for the price of a stay at Hazelden or Pine Grove, redemption comes in the form of rehab." The other day, I was having a conversation with my brother about this article. This idea that rehab leads to redemption can't be more visible than it is in popular culture today. You don't have to think too hard to come up with a handful of celebrity names that have been through this in the past year. But in a way, isn't

Piranha 3D!!!!

From the opening scene of Piranha 3D , you know a statement is being made. They had the smarts to hire Hooper (Richard Dreyfuss, I believe is his civilian name) to play the opening kill — a staple in horror flicks. Yes, Hooper may have survived Jaws , but he certainly didn't survive Piranha 3D . And so the standards were raised after the first 5 minutes. And if that wasn't enough, the jabs really started when they released the poster (to the left) even before the first minute graced the screen. But obviously they weren't trying to top Jaws , a cinematic masterpiece all things considered. No, Alex Aja isn't that stupid being an esteemed director himself. Instead, he tries to take the spirit of the original Piranha and mix it up with an over-the-top flavouring, nearing Scary Movie -levels of ridiculousness. Thinking about it, this movie was akin to the B-movie qualities of Eight Legged Freaks , which was surprisingly decent. The movie takes place at a lake side town b

Oh, hello!

So we're at September already! I figured it was time for a change. I had the last layout for about a year. I spent the past 2 weeks like a coding monkey, designing the layout from scratch. I think it looks pretty good but I have to work out a few little kinks. Anyhow, thanks to all you loyal readers and casual readers alike. I enjoy writing and I hope you enjoy reading it. Here's to another year! Peace!