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The 2012 Holiday Movie Round-Up!

So I saw a crapload of movies during the holiday break and just wanted to write a short bit on each one!

The Hobbit

I watched The Hobbit in 3D and at the high-frame rate (HFR) screening.  Did NOT like!  The high-frame rate takes away from the cinematical magic feel with the traditional 24 fps frame rate.  As a result, everything moved too quick (and in some cases more jerky, because you can see every little motion) and seemed more live than what you’re used to seeing in a movie.  It makes it all very disconcerting and it feels like you’re watching soap opera style filming.  In addition, as a gamer, the HFR really reminded me of something that I’m used to seeing out of a video game and not from a movie.  So in my head, it was almost like a translation or processing error.  “Wait a minute, I’m not supposed to see that there!”.

The one benefit of the HFR though is that the 3D was less straining on the eye.  Compared to the trailers that they played in front of the movie, the 3D in The Ho…

The Billionty-Oneth Pod Blaast: Episode 2 - Marriage and Relationships: Tips N' Tricks

It's the first annual, January ever 2013, Billionty-Oneth Pod Blaast: Episode 2. Entitled: Marriage and Relationships - The Tips N' Tricks Episode.

In which we dive into all sorts of nonsensical things regarding gaming and marriage. Two of life's greatest things, order to be determined.

Recorded on January 12, 2013 in Hamilton (no), Ontario.

Hosted by the Jeff Lam (Geek), Kevin Makins and Matt Burrows.

Covered in this cast: marriage, relationships, tips, tricks, The Walking Dead, To The Moon, goatees.

See link here:

Stream Below:

Gaming and God: An Ongoing Conversation With My Pastor (Part 4)

It has been nearly a year since the last time I've posted to this topic!  Wow, the letters that myself and Matt have exchanged have been queued up.  I wish that I could fast-forward to what we've been talking about now, but alas, it can wait.  The following letters were originally written in Fall of 2011, so a while back!  That's pre-Gangnam Style!  Much has changed since then.  But please enjoy the conversation.

If you're missing out on past letters, you can find part 1 (here), part 2 (here) and part 3 (here).

My response letter to Matt:

Hey Matt,

I have to do a big rewind, I need to get on top of this as I feel it was a meaty discussion!  It’s been many months since our last correspondence on this topic, with different discussions sure to sprawl.

I already addressed your first paragraph in person, but let me rephrase/re-explain.  What I meant was that I wouldn’t want to do anything on my own sort of accord, independently from anything the Bible says, and then after …