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Summer Lacklusters!!!

I don't know if it's just me, but this summer has been a very big letdown in terms of movies. Every year, there's at least one or two movies that I get really pumped for in the summer season, but this year is the first year in a long time that nothing has really piqued my interest. I mean, there were/are movies that I wanted to see but nothing to go completely geek over. The ones that did come out never fulfilled the geek expectations ( Terminator, Transformers, Wolverine ... I'm looking in your direction). I blame the studios for pumping out so many family oriented movies this summer. They've infested the cinemas with PG-schmuck. Oddly enough, I think much of the blame has to go to Paul Blart: Mall Cop . When Blart first came out back in January, I don't think anyone anticipated how successful the movie would turn out to be. On a modest budget of $26 m, the movie went to gross $180 m worldwide (about $140 m domestically) which is quite a high grossing

Ring of Honor returns to Toronto!!!

Ring of Honor Wrestling returned to Toronto and put on two shows in a row at Ted Reeve's Arena. Leading up to this weekend's events, fans were unsure what was exactly going to happen. You see, right now Toronto city workers have been on strike for well over a month, with no garbage pick-ups since it began. Instead, certain city owned parks and parking lots have been made temporary dump sites for people to dispose of their garbage. Ted Reeve's Arena was one such dump site. The parking lot is filled with so much garbage that they had to close it off to dumping (it's maximum allowable capacity is at 1,250 tonnes). So we had a stinky arena and all that garbage outside of it. THANKFULLY, and I don't know how they did it, but the arena inside did not smell as bad as it did last year (when there wasn't all that garbage). The fans packed the arena on both nights to see some of their favourite indie wrestlers grapple and fight their way to victory. Some wrestling

Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen

My review of Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen is now up on Attack This! The short and skinny: I didn't hate it as I thought I would of. You can view the full review ( here ).

Star Trek Finally!!!

I finally watched Star Trek , over 2 months after its release and at the behest of my friend Ally. So Ally, if you're reading this, this review goes out to you, and you can now stop asking me if I watched it yet (Tootsie LOLLs). I guess the benefit of watching a movie so long after its release is that you get your pick of the litter in seats. The theater was mostly empty, except for a dozen or so Level 10 Geeks, who no doubt were watching this for the 56th time (side note on Level 10 Geeks: the geek beside me did the vulcan hand sign every time Spock did it onscreen). I was never a big Star Trek fan at all, which is probably why I didn't feel pumped to see it when it came out in May. But after watching this, I feel excited for a sequel. So what can I say? This movie pretty much ruled. Most of you probably have watched this already, so there's no need to really go over the plot. But in short, it's a prequel to the old school series as we see how the main Enterprise

Gizmodo's Retro Contest

Last week on Gizmodo (one of Kotaku 's sister sites) they posted a contest where you had to use Photoshop to recreate a 70's version of a current gadget or a 70's ad of a current gadget (see the post here ). With my limited Photoshop skills, I took some time this weekend to recreate a gadget and send it in. I made a 70's ad for a 70's version of the Sony Playstation Portable. Today they posted up their results but reneged on their original post. Instead of posting the top 3 results, they just posted 64 different gadgets and didn't even rank them (sad face). Some of the creations are damn 1337. I wish I had those kinds of skills. Worst for me, there's a handful of images that won't load for people, and one such image is mine (more sad face). But I've attached it below so you can at least see my creation. You can check out the rest of the results ( here ). Later geeks!

Dead Space (Xbox 360)

In another effort in my "Campaign of Cheapness", I purchased Dead Space brand new for $7. Now, before I actually talk about the game, I'd like to preface it with a story. If you want to skip the story, just scroll down past to the bold where it says 'End Story'. Well... Commence Story! For my Canadian friends out there, you may know of this website called RedFlagDeals . It's basically a message board where users can post up any hot sales or deals going on at the moment, in an effort to share the glory of saving money. Anyhow, last month someone posted up the deal that Dead Space along with a few other games (eg. Mass Effect, Lost Odyssey , etc.) were going on sale for $10 at Futureshop the coming Friday of that week. It was such a hot deal because regularly the game retails for $40, the game is only 8 months young and it was a well reviewed game. However, a deal so hot catches the eyes of a group of rabid shoppers that RFD boarders have dubbed "hoard

Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun-LOL!!!!!!!!

I was going to do a quick review round-up to take care of a slew of movies I've seen recently, but after some reflection, I decided that a movie with the caliber that Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun-Li has warrants it's own separate review. I mean Street Fighter was an institution during my childhood, I couldn't just gloss over it. I don't remember the plot exactly, but as I recall, it was a revenge story. Chun-Li, a musician turned martial arts expert, is after M. Bison, an evildoer Irish crime boss who was adopted at birth by Thai people. Somehow he was able to embody himself with pure evil as he injected the pure goodness in him to his daughter. Anyhow, Chun-Li is after Bison for the kidnapping and eventual killing of her father. This movie was no good. The fighting was okay and it was unintentionally funny likely because the acting was so bad. Those are the only two reasons I could come up with for not falling asleep during the movie. At least the '94

Solitude and Christ

First of all, happy late Canada Day to my Canadian friends, happy early Independence Day to my American friends and... happy days to my international friends! Last week, the weather in Toronto was amazing. We officially entered into the summer season and it kicked off with temperatures in the high 20s and low 30s. Simply great. Knowing ahead of time that it was going to be blazing hot, I planned a few trips to the beach. Lake Ontario is about a 25 minute walk from my house, so I decided that this would be a good opportunity to catch in some sun, meditate and re-focus myself as the summer season begins. So I walked down by myself on Monday and Thursday, with a backpack that contained a towel, a book, a water bottle and my iPod. I got to the sands, laid down, napped, woke up, prayed and just thought about life. On my iPod, I was listening to the sermons of one of my favourite preachers. I reflected on the message and prayed some more. I left each time feeling so much more rejuve