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Gaming and God: An Ongoing Conversation With My Pastor (Part 2)

Hey friends! So originally I meant to release these over the course of a few weeks, but I guess out of laze, I fell behind. Anyhow, as a quick recap, these are letters that I have been exchanging with one of my pastors regarding gaming, being a Christian and seeking something more. You will probably need some context if this is new to you. You can see part 1 of our exchange ( here ). Without further ado, here is the latest exchange (although not really latest, these were originally sent back in December). My Response Letter to Matt: Hey Matt, So as I mentioned last time, it’s tough to make a fitting argument against the time issue. And as I progress more into the working life, arguing against it becomes weaker, futile even. The time I have to game these days, seems rare and short if at all. As I already mentioned a few weeks ago, there was a Saturday morning where I woke up early to finish the Riddler challenges in Batman: Arkham Asylum . They were repetitive, and