Posted by The Lam | Dec 8, 2009
T-Shirts, oh I can't wait!

My wardrobe is dying a slow death. I don't buy much new clothes at all. In fact, a good 80% of my clothes now are band related merch, from shows that I've gone to in the past 4-5 years... more than half of these bands which are broken up now. Anyhow! On Threadless this weekend, there was a $12 sale on all their shirts. After going through their catalog and discussing what was good and what was not with my brother, I ordered 3 of them. Lo and behold, yesterday there was a whole different sale, shirts went down to $9 a piece!! You've never seen a man cancel his order so fast! So yes, I did that, and then re-ordered my order plus one more shirt to bring it back up to $36. I'm happy now, I'm in a peaceful state... unless shirts go for $6 tomorrow. The following are the designs I ordered. Later geeks!

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  1. Beka December 8, 2009 at 12:45 PM
    I love that ant one!

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