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It's time for another edition of Review Haikus; a feature I like to write when I'm too lazy to write out full reviews~!!!

The Taking of Pelham 1 2 3

Tony Scott schlockfest~!
All his movies seem the same.
A needless remake.

Denzel's a bad-ass.
Given up on Travolta.
1 of 2 ain't bad.

Public Enemies

Well? Disappointed.
I expected more from Mann.
The pacing felt off.

Acting was good though.
Man-crush on Depp and Bale.
5 more syllables!

Saw VI

Yes, another Saw.
Harder to tell them apart.
Blood, guts, bad story.

Why more Saw movies?
Each movie makes less and less.
End this series now.


Later geeks!


Kevin said…
lol @ "5 more syllables"

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