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It's been quite a while since I've done some review haikus. My creative juices haven't been that strong lately, but here are a few!


Opening was sad.
Didn't know boy was asian
I like talking dogs!

So I enjoyed this;
Delightful and heartwarming.
Way to go Pixar!

12 Rounds

John Cena acting!
As horrible as the plot.
Why did I watch this?

So in conclusion,
Stop making movies!

(Note: the only thing I really enjoyed was hearing Cena say the word 'fuck' every now and then. So much for the PG wrestler! Sorry, I know this aside isn't a haiku.)

A Perfect Getaway

Good acting throughout.
Zahn and Olyphant were gold.
Milla still a babe.

Fun little thriller.
Didn't know what to expect.
Good twist in act 2.


That's it for now, later geeks!


Beka said…
Hehe, my English major heart is loving this. :)
Go 5,7,5 Go!
Hype0724 said…
Encore! More Haiku's brilliant!
The Lam said…
Thanks everyone :)
Kevin said…
haha- I liked this.
Innovative and funny.
Yes, this is haiku.
The Lam said…
Hahah, awesome Kevin, thanks for that!

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