Posted by The Lam | Sep 21, 2009
New York City: Day 5

My second last day here:

-visited grandma at nursing home =/
-morning dim sum with aunt, Millie, Stephen.
-headed to Broadway to pick up where I left off last week.
-zigzagging through streets, I find Soho.
-at the famous Pinkberry for yogurt.
-the first time I've ordered yogurt before (not a big fan, but this was good!)
-I tried their original w/ strawberries and raspberries.
-after weaving through Soho, I end up in East Village and NYU.
-found my favourite place of last year: Union Square.
-hopping on 5 train to check out Ground Zero.
-stopped by Century 21. Found a jacket I wanted but it's $70... NO BUYS~!

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