Posted by The Lam | Sep 19, 2009
New York City: Day 2

More manual tweets:

-I guess I was tired. Ended up sleeping for 12 hours... longer than anticipated.
-dim sum lunch with family.
-headed for Guggenheim
-I feel like Clive Owen in The International.
-place is big, but The International made it seem bigger.
-feature artists is Kandinsky. Today is the first day of his exhibit. Packed place.
-interesting to see how his work evolved over the decades.
-my non-artistic interpretation: literal -> abstract -> scientific/geometric -> poetic/romantic
-heading to Broadway for a short stroll.
-got lost for 5 minutes after the train skipped a stop. Found my way not too long after. Thank you sun.
-spotted a store made for Vicky: Shoegasm.

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