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Slowly grasping CSS

Last night I was at the Eaton Centre and I stopped by Indigo to browse around. I ended up staying there for about 40 minutes reading a book about CSS and XHTML. After reading a bunch of their tutorials, I felt motivated to fix up my blog. Well, I feel accomplished today. I've been meaning to tweak my blog layout for a while, and finally I got around to doing it. Here are some changes:

  • Move author name underneath the title
  • Link the author name to my profile page
  • Separate comments from categories
  • Changed 'Categories' list to not display categories with only 1 post
  • Merged post count and Archives list on to the same line and link
  • Fixed some margins
There are still a few things I want to tweak (notice the Archives list grey box?) but I'll have to read over stuff still. They sound like such simple things to do, but when you're such a n00b with CSS, it makes it all the more difficult. Anyhow, that's all. Later geeks.


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R.I.P. Evan Tanner

The body of the professional fighter and former UFC champion, Evan Tanner, 37, was found in the Palo Verde mountain area of California on September 8th, 2008. He was found a few miles away from his campsite on foot, with no water, where the temperatures were around 110 degrees fahrenheit. The coroner's report listed the cause of death as from heat exposure.

Tanner left Oceanside, California on September 2nd. On September 4th, he sent a text message to a friend telling him that his motorcycle was out of gas, that he was out of water, and if his friend didn't hear from him the next day, to call the authorities. Unfortunately, Evan never returned home.

I'm not the hugest MMA fan, I consider myself a casual fan, and a n00b at best. I was listening to Dave Meltzer and Bryan Alvarez of the Wrestling Observer Radio, and the story of Tanner's life sounded intriguing.

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Not too long ago, two of my friends had posted their thoughts on evolution and creationism. Both friends shared similar sentiments on the topic (you can view Skylar's here and Keith's here). Coincidence or not, shortly before they made their postings, I purchased a book called The Science of God by Dr. Gerald Schroeder, which was based on the same topic. Unfortunately, at the time of my friend's postings, I had not finished the book, but now I have.

In The Science of God, Schroeder attempts to debunk the dichotomy that exists between science/evolution and creationism. He tries to show that there can exist a duality between the two and that discoveries in science actually prove the story of creation in the bible.

The book can be roughly divided into three categories that being the concepts of time, the second with the biology of evolution, and lastly the concept of free will.

In describing time, he focuses on the 6 days that are explained in the beginning of Genesis. Duri…


My layout decided to fuck up, trying to fix it at the moment.

Edit: mushblue was being bitchtarded. I checked other bloggers using the layout and they were having the same problem apparently. I'm trying this new layout, so things might seem funky for a bit.