Posted by The Lam | Dec 24, 2008
Slowly grasping CSS

Last night I was at the Eaton Centre and I stopped by Indigo to browse around. I ended up staying there for about 40 minutes reading a book about CSS and XHTML. After reading a bunch of their tutorials, I felt motivated to fix up my blog. Well, I feel accomplished today. I've been meaning to tweak my blog layout for a while, and finally I got around to doing it. Here are some changes:

  • Move author name underneath the title
  • Link the author name to my profile page
  • Separate comments from categories
  • Changed 'Categories' list to not display categories with only 1 post
  • Merged post count and Archives list on to the same line and link
  • Fixed some margins
There are still a few things I want to tweak (notice the Archives list grey box?) but I'll have to read over stuff still. They sound like such simple things to do, but when you're such a n00b with CSS, it makes it all the more difficult. Anyhow, that's all. Later geeks.

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  1. SkyCapitan December 25, 2008 at 5:28 PM
    Good job, Jeff!

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